Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Blossom Promise by Betsy Byars

A Blossom Promise is the 4th book in the Blossom Family series.  The Blossom family includes Pap, Vicki Blossom (the mother), Maggie, Vern, Junior, Mud and Dump (the dogs).  In this story, Maggie and Vicki are away on the rodeo circuit while Michael and Vern are at home with Pap.  In their absence, multiple disasters strike.  First, Mud gets bitten by a snake.  Then Vern and his best friend Michael make a raft and raft down Snake Creek, which is flooded because of all the rain. The current is harsh, and the boys get into serious danger. Pap attempts to rescue Vern and Michael from the raging creek but collapses in the process, leaving Junior to handle the family crisis.  Meanwhile, Maggie faces a crisis of her own when she discovers that her mother's new boyfriend is a bullrider on the rodeo circuit.  In the end, the Blossom family reunites to face life's situations together.

By Camille N. and Mrs. Norton

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