Friday, June 27, 2014

Savvy by Ingrid Law

The dictionary defines savvy as shrewdness and practical knowledge. That is not the savvy that Ingrid Law writes about in her book. In the Beaumont family, savvy is a special supernatural ability that appears suddenly on your 13th birthday. Law's story begins three days before Mibs Beaumont's 13th birthday. She is dying of excitement and curiosity, dreaming of just what her savvy might be. Will it be strong and powerful like her brothers? (Rocket can create electricity and Fish can cause hurricanes.) Or will it be quiet and polite like her mother's gift of perfection? Before Mibs can find out, her father is in a terrible accident and suddenly the only savvy she cares about is the ability to save her Poppa's life.

My favorite part of this book is Law's use of language. She is incredibly creative and makes up fun words throughout the story. For instance, all Beaumont children are homeschooled and part of what they learn is how to scumble their savvies. Scumble, I discovered, means control. It is also the title of the companion book to Savvy.

Thumbs up for upper elementary kids, particularly those who appreciate language and wish they had superhuman powers!

Note: This book won the Newbery Honor.

By Mrs. Norton

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