Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Restart by Gordon Korman

I typically review only those print or e-books we have at the South SSES Library. However, Restart is worthy of an exception. It is a new gem from beloved middle grades writer Gordon Korman, and I will be ordering it for us in the very near future!

Restart is about what happens to 13-year-old Chase Ambrose after he falls off the roof of his house. The head injury causes amnesia, which means he has no memory of ANYTHING before the accident. He literally has to, as the titles states, restart his life.

Chase slowly learns who he was from how he is treated by the people around him. For example, he realizes early on that he holds a lot of power at his middle school, but he has no idea why. Some kids are in awe of him; others are terrified of him. Pretty soon it is clear that the old Chase was a bully. The more important question becomes who will the new Chase decide to be?

I highly recommended this book for lovers of realistic fiction grades 3 and up.

Mrs. N.

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