Thursday, August 3, 2017

Giant Squid by Candace Fleming

What is as big as a bus yet has rarely ever been seen? The Giant Squid! Despite the fact that this creature is largely unknown, author Candace Fleming does a magnificent job of describing fascinating facts about the Giant Squid. For example, I never knew that the squid's tentacle suckers are lined with teeth or that the squid has a beak like a parrot in between all those tentacles! This book peaked my desire to find out more about these mysterious creatures of the deep, and I hungrily read the extra information provided at the end of the book. Website recommendations are included!

Artist Eric Rohman does a great job with the book's illustrations, giving close-ups of the parts of the squid that Fleming is describing while maintaining a dark velvety blue background that communicates its deep water home.

I highly recommend this award winning picture book to students of all ages, especially those with an interest in ocean life.

Mrs. N.

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