Thursday, August 3, 2017

We Will Not Be Silent: The White Rose Student Resistance Movement That Defied Adolf Hitler by Russell Freedman

I chose to read We Will Not Be Silent because it is written by renowned nonfiction author Russell Freedman and because it won the Robert F. Sibert Honor for nonfiction this year. Thanks to Mr. Freedman and the many historic photographs he included in this book, I learned a great deal about an aspect of WWII that I can never remember being taught.

Have you ever stopped to wonder if all Germans agreed with Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime?  They most certainly did not! This is the true story of a group of German students who were brave enough to organize an effective movement against Hitler. Theirs is a fascinating story.

Because the subject matter of this book is intense and includes real violence, I only recommend this book to mature 5th or 6th graders with background knowledge of WWII. It is most definitely a disturbing, albeit important, read.

Mrs. N.

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