Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Noisy Paint Box by Barb Rosenstock

Biography #4

The Noisy Paint Box is a book about two subjects you may have never heard of before...Vasya Kadinsky, a famous Russian artist, and synesthesia, a genetic condition unheard of during Kadinsky's lifetime.

Kadinsky is famous for being one of the first painters of abstract art (art that is not supposed to look like anything specific). Instead of painting landscapes or flowers or people, Kadinsky preferred to mix colors and paint shapes and lines that made people feel different emotions.

The unusual thing about Kadinsky was that he could hear colors as he painted. Also, he could see colors when he heard music. Most experts believe that he had what we now call synesthesia, which means his senses communicated in ways other people's do not. These abilities helped him become a very successful artist.

While The Noisy Paint Box is a picture book, I recommend it to open-minded, older students who have an interest in art.

By Mrs. N.

P.S. The illustrations in this book won the Caldecott Honor and were created by Mary Granpre, the Florida artist best known for illustrating the Harry Potter books.

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