Sunday, June 26, 2016

Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo

If you are a Kate DiCamillo fan like I am, you can understand my excitement over her new book, Raymie Nightingale. This is the story of three 10-year-old girls, all aspiring to enter the Little Miss Central Florida Tire pageant for vastly different reasons. The girls meet at summer baton lessons and soon become the "Three Rancheros," unlikely friends who are drawn together by the experiences of loneliness and loss they have in common.

What I love about DiCamillo's writing is that it is almost like poetry in that she chooses her words so carefully and keeps her writing sparse. This is a fast read, thanks to the short chapters. I enjoyed getting to know each one of the characters (Raymie, Beverly, and Louisiana) and will miss being in their world. I know a book is good when I feel sad that it is over.

If you like Because of Winn Dixie or any other Kate DiCamillo book, give this new one a read. You will not be sorry!

By Mrs. N.

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